book pictureDr Blazsek does interdisciplinary research and publishes in the fields of banking, business, bankruptcy, and antitrust law. She is particularly interested in financial stability-related legal, regulatory and policy issues from a comparative perspective. In 2005-14, before, during, and in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, she mostly worked on financial crisis-related legal-regulatory issues at a market-leading multinational financial institution’s legal directorate in Budapest. She managed a team of 5-8 attorneys for over 2 years. She also worked on corporate, commercial, and bankruptcy matters at a prestigious law firm in Budapest and on international investment arbitration matters at Winston & Strawn in Paris. She defended her doctoral dissertation summa cum laude in 2018. She is the author of the book, BANKING BAILOUT LAW: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM AND THE EUROPEAN UNION (Routledge, U.K. & U.S., Oct. 2020), which is based on her dissertation. She has held numerous book talks and her book is held by over 100 libraries worldwide (April 2021). She has previously been a visiting researcher, visiting scholar, and visiting lecturer at Fordham University School of Law, Columbia Law School, and Budapest Business School.

In 2018-19, Dr Blazsek served as a Buergenthal Scholar at the George Washington University School of Law in Washington, DC. She received a Pro Bono Service Award for having completed a pro bono project at the DC Superior Court’s Landlord-Tenant Legal Resource Center. Since August 2019, she has worked for an international organization’s pension fund in New York City. Dr Blazsek regularly serves as ad hoc reviewer for law and economics journals and publishers. She has worked in various research projects in the US, the UK, the EU, Spain, Italy, and Hungary.