You can also access Virág Blazsek’s papers at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and at the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography [in Hungarian: A Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára (MTMT)] or download her MTMT Publication List (as of April 21, 2021) here

Blog Articles and Online Newsletters

Event Report: Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion on Banking Bailout Law (with Richard Squire) (Oxford Business Law Blog, November 18, 2021)

Spring 2021 Newsletter of the International Law Association’s American Branch (see page 16, “Publications from Branch Members” section) (2021)

A Comparative Comment on the Banking Bailout Literature, The FinReg Blog, Global Financial Markets Center, Duke University School of Law (2021), see also on SSRN

Banking Bailout Law, Blue Sky Blog, Columbia Law School (2020), see also on SSRN

Banking Bailout Law, Fall 2020 ABILA Newsletter, 13 (2020)


  • Common Core of European Private Law Award for Young Professionals, Turin, Italy (2011)

Research Report on European Cross-border Insolvency Proceedings in Hungary (see acknowledgements of research assistantship on pages 6 and 120), in SECURITIES RIGHTS AND THE EUROPEAN INSOLVENCY REGULATION (Chapter 8: Central and Eastern European Systems – Hungary, Poland and Lithuania, (McCormack & Bork (eds.), Intersentia, Cambridge, UK, 2017)

Research Report (see acknowledgement of research assistantship in note 1 on page 79), in A HAGYATÉKI VAGYONTERVEZÉS — ESTATE PLANNING (Közjegyzői Akadémia Kiadó, Hungary, 2015)

Peer-reviewed Articles

Financial Consumer Protection in the U.S. and the E.U.: A Preventive Building Block of Banking Bailout Law, Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on the protection of the collective interests of consumers (see article no. 20) (October 24, 2020) (ISBN 978-86-7952-050-0), Union University Law School, Belgrade, Serbia (2021), see also on SSRN

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PhD Dissertation

The building blocks of bank bailout law a comparative analysis of bank bailouts in the United States and the European Union with special regard to the United Kingdom, Spain and Hungary, PhD Dissertation (499 pages) (2018)

Master’s Thesis

The 2009 interchange fee decision of the Hungarian competition authority: a comparative case study, Master’s Thesis, Central European University (84 pages) (download Master’s Thesis here, 2010)

Master’s Thesis

Functions of the Hungarian Development Regions in the EU (in Hungarian) (2004)

Academic Papers

The Constitutional System of Spain with Special Regard to Catalonia (in Hungarian) (2002)

Hungary’s Accession to the EU (in Spanish, co-authored with Ruth Sanchez-Garrido) (2002)

The Governmental System of Canada with Special Regard to Quebec (in Hungarian) (2000)

Manuscripts in Preparation

The IACCM Contracting Principles and Software License Contract-Management in the Financial Sector, Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (SAGE) (abstract accepted, Dec. 2020, exp. 2021)

Conservatorship, quantitative easing, and mortgage spreads: A new multi-equation score-driven model of policy actions (with Professor Szabolcs Blazsek, School of Business of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala and Adam Kobor, Director of Investments at the NYU Investment Office, New York, NY) (exp. 2021)

The post-2008 Changing Interpretation of the EU’s State Aid Rules Related to the Financial Sector and its Impact on the Common Market from a Ten-Year Perspective (in preparation, with Professor William Kovacic of the George Washington University Law School)

A Comparison of the EU’s new MREL requirements and the TLAC-SPOE regime adopted by the US (in preparation, with Professor Arthur Wilmarth of the George Washington University Law School)

Arbitrability of Bank Bailout-related Claims of Investors in the US and the EU (in preparation)

The Rule of Law as the Foundation-stone of Banking Bailout Law: Empirical Evidences from the United States and Europe (in preparation)